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ARC R129007 R12 SRS Super Response Servo

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ARC has released the new SRS Super Response Servo specially designed for the use with the ARC R12 touring car. Developed and produced in collaboration with Savöx, the steering servo supports the Super High Response protocol that is available from high-end transmitters and it provides quicker response and a wider working angle on the R12 chassis. The ARC SRS utilises a short 5cm all-black servo lead for neat and clean wiring and the unique all-aluminium case incorporates a servo mount that allows racers to do away with the standard servo mount, ensuring a super low-profile design and a lower overall centre of gravity, all while allowing to scrub 9g of weight and the attachment of the servo 8mm closer to the centreline of the chassis. As for the specifications, the brushless motor servo pulls up to 9kg-cm of torque at a speed of down to 0.07 seconds.

Servo Speed : 0.07 sec/60
Servo Torque : 9.0 kg/cm
Brushless motor with Digital 4096 resolution controller unit

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