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Bittydesign M410 1/10 TC 190mm Clear Body (Light)

Bittydesign M410 1/10 TC 190mm Clear Body (Light)

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Part Number:BDTC-190M410
Tested for many months both indoor and even outdoor on different types of carpet and tarmac, the M410 body shell represent a new reality for drivers all around the world who race at top levels and always pretend to obtain the best result with their models. The M410 is the lightest of the lightweight shells on the market! To win the weight of the body plays a key role and thanks to a new material and a new thermoforming process the M410 "ready to race" is at the top with just 85-86g reducing the roll and the center of gravity of the model. LIGHTNESS and STRENGTH! Thanks to an excellent production process which guarantees a high homogeneity of the material in any area of the body we have reached a good compromise between weight and durability of the product, several track tests have revealed excellent impact resistance, making the M410's extremely longevity.

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